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Why put your benefits coverage in the hands of someone who doesn’t focus on the benefits industry? Why run the risk of a potential lawsuit because your broker didn’t provide you with information on how to work with terminated employees? It is essential that your broker be up to date in industry developments, and believe in ongoing education.

We specialize in employee benefits coverage.

You’ll find that our outstanding service and knowledge will help you put down roots, and stop moving from broker to broker.

Refer A Friend

Have a friend who is looking for employee benefits coverage for their company? Or maybe you know someone who is unhappy with their benefits coverage, their broker/agent….or both?

Refer a friend or business acquaintance, and you get your choice of a gift card from any number of stores.

Employee Assistance Programs

Drug abuse, mental illness, alcoholism, stress, divorce, family issues, depression, childcare issues, parenting issues, financial or legal issues, family violence  – chances are that either you or your staff will face at least one of these challenges during your life.

For just a few dollars per employee per month, you can provide a confidential EAP program that will help:

Decrease lost time.
Decrease on the job accidents.
Decrease grievances.
Decrease missed work days.

Spending Accounts

Ever thought about offering your staff a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), but you were scared off by the administration?

We’ve now partnered with an HCSA provider, who have made the process easier than ever! Online administration! Online enrollment! Online claims submission! And direct deposit of claims!

For more information, or to open an account, please click here.


As an employer, you can’t afford to make mistakes with your employee  benefits plan. Other than salary, an employee benefits plan is the most important factor in retaining existing staff and attracting new staff!

And we recognize that, and we provide the customer service you deserve.

We specialize in providing complete employee benefit solutions to small and medium sized Canadian employers.

As an employer, you can’t afford to make a mistake with your employee benefits coverage. Other than salary, an employee benefits plan is the most important factor in retaining existing staff and attracting new ones.  And, benefits needs vary from employer to employer. Why settle for a generic, run of the mill benefits plan?

That’s where we can help. We will sit down with you and design a benefits plan that fits both your needs and your budget. And, just because your company has fewer than 20 staff doesn’t mean that your benefits plan is less valuable than the coverage for a company with 1000 staff.

And, after your plan has been implemented, you will continue to hear from us throughout the year – and not just at renewal time. We strongly believe in keeping you informed about such things as legislation changes, industry news, and how your claims experience is.

We have clients in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, ranging in size from 2 employees to over 450. And, we’re continually looking at new products and new markets, so that we can provide our clients with the best service possible.

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