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Did you know that right now, there are approximately 750,000 Canadians waiting for medical treatment?

There’s a chance that one of your staff members may be in that group.

If they are, they might  be experiencing depression, pain, frustration, anxiety, and stress. As an employer, naturally you’re concerned about your staff member, but their medical condition may also translate into lost productivity.

If this happens to one of your key staff members, can your company afford to either have them off work for an extended period of time, or to have them less productive than normal?


With Medical Access Insurance (MAI), your staff members have access to a specialist, or for diagnosis or surgery if they are placed on a medical wait list in Canada. With the public system, the wait could be up to 34 weeks for a specialist, 9 weeks for a diagnostic scan, or 10 weeks for a surgical procedure! With MAI, the wait is 45 days or less!

MAI covers pre and post surgery specialist consultation, diagnosis (i.e. MRI and CT scans) and surgery for over 135 covered conditions and over 500 procedures.

Diagnosis and treatment is provided in both Canada and the United States.

No medical underwriting or evidence of insurability is required.

No deductible or co-payment is required.

Costs are paid directly to the service provider.

Approved travel expenses are included.

And, coverage can be provided for pre-existing conditions when the policy has been in place for 24 consecutive months.

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