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Firefighting is essential to our daily lives, and firefighters often put themselves at great risk. You strive to provide them with the best training, protective gear, apparatus, and equipment available. Shouldn’t their insurance protection be the best available as well? By purchasing this insurance for your members, you’re showing that you care about their well being and value their participation in and contribution to the community.

We have partnered with VFIS, and we now provide the following coverage:

Group Life

  • Guaranteed issue life insurance – no medical questions up to $100,000 (subject to group size).
  • 24 hour coverage (both on duty and off duty).
  • Covers all accidental deaths and illnesses (e.g. cancer).
  • Competitive rates.
  • Flexible billing plans and simplified administration.
  • Each firefighter gets a booklet/pin # explaining coverage.
  • Coverage reduces by 50% at age 65, and ends at age 70.
  • Waiver of premium if totally disabled.
  • Optional coverage for spouse & dependents.

Critical Illness Coverage

Critical Illness (CI) insurance is a supplemental product which can lift the burden of the financial and emotional stress associated with a critical illness so that the victim and his/her family can continue to lead their lives as normal a way as possible. It is a product for the living, providing living benefits, as opposed to typical life or accident insurance plans, which provide benefits when an insured person dies. Not only does VFIS provide a CI program with no medical underwriting, but it also provides an out of pocket expense benefit of $500 to pay for ordinary medical expenses if an accident should occur. Coverage is available in 3 levels – $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000. Covered critical illnesses are: life threatening cancer, heart attack, kidney (renal) failure, stroke, and coronary artery bypass graft.

Accident & Sickness Coverage:

The VFIS accident and sickness program provides financial protection from the costs of an unexpected injury or illness a member may suffer as a result of participation in any normal duty of emergency service work. These costs can be from medical expenses, lost income due to disability or other physical losses which affect a member or his/her family. Chances are that many of your Members believe that workers’ compensation coverage will meet all of their financial needs in the event of an injury, illness, or even death. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Workers’ compensation MAY provide coverage, but it may be subject to waiting periods, disability limits, and pre-existing conditions. As well, coverage would not be available for fundraising events, junior members, auxiliary members, or directors.

Don’t let your Members find that there are gaps in their accident and sickness coverage. Without the men and women who operate your organization, you won’t be able to provide the services that your community counts on.

Health Spending Accounts (HSA)

  • The HSA works like a savings account where a pre-determined amount of dollars is deposited into the firefighter’s account.
  • The firefighter uses the money to have medical and dental care fees reimbursed.
  • The department’s chief may specify that in order to be eligible, the firefighter must have volunteered for a specific number of years, must attend training courses/meetings for a minimum number of hours, and must attend a certain percentage of calls.

If you would like any more information on any of the products mentioned above, please do not hesitate in contacting Chris Gory at either 416-754-3910/1-800-773-8638 or at chris @ canadianemployeebenefitplans.ca.

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