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Employee Assistance Programs

Drug abuse, mental illness, alcoholism, stress, divorce, family issues, depression, eldercare issues, childcare issues, parenting issues, financial or legal issues, family violence  – chances are that either you will face at least one of these challenges during your life. And, of course, the same applies to your staff.

And, no matter how much someone tries to not bring any of these challenges into the workplace, changes are they will. Work productivity will be affected.

Not convinced? Did you know that 70%  of those who reported using drugs are employed!

So – what to do?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

As an employer, you may also see:

  • Decrease in Workers Compensation claims.
  • Decrease in employee benefits exposure & experience.
  • Decrease in absenteeism & tardiness.
  • Increase in employee productivity.
  • Increase in supervisory effectiveness.
  • Retention of valued employees.

More than 70% of all Fortune 500 companies have implemented an EAP.  For just a few dollars per employee per month, you can provide a confidential EAP program that will help:

  • Decrease lost time.
  • Decrease on the job accidents.
  • Decrease grievances.
  • Decrease missed work days.
  • Decrease attrition rates.

One of the EAP providers, Aspiria, has provided a return on investment calculator, to help you see how an EAP can help your company. Click here.

If you are an employer in Ontario, there is even more reason to implement an EAP. With the introduction of Bill 168 in June of 2010, all Ontario employers now have a responsibility to address workplace violence and harassment. And, an EAP can help with that. To find out more, please clickhere.

For more information, please contact Chris Gory at either 416-754-3910/1-800-773-8638, or atchris @